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“There will never be an objective truth, because it is a shimmering prism in which each side shines differently depending on where you look at it and what light falls on it.”
– Carolino the Wise –

The world of Historia

Welcome to Vesteria, a merciless land of intrigue, populated by anthropomorphic animals. You will face the hardships and dangers of a wild and uncertain world, explore unknown lands, unravel plots and intrigues and forge your heroism in the fire of adventure.

Thousands of years ago, some of the animal species living on Gea developed anthropomorphic characteristics such as opposable thumbs and human-like interests.

In the world of Historia, you take on the role of the anthropomorphic animals that populate the continent of Vesteria, a region with ancient traditions and a multi-layered culture, shaken by the discovery of powerful relics of the past.

You immerse yourself in political turmoil, meet living legends, shape the politics of kingdoms or fight against corruption and in brutal wars in an attempt to survive to the next day.

Katze als Ritter
Bullterrier Barbar

Historia is a dark fantasy renaissance setting for the 5th edition of the world’s biggest role-playing game.

It is the result of a collaboration between Mirko Failoni (concept artist and illustrator for Vampire The Masquerade, Age of Sigmar, The One Ring, Pathfinder, Wraith The Oblivion, Lost Citadel and many others), Michele Paroli (author of Journey to Ragnarök, founder and lead designer of Mana Project Studio) and Matteo Pedroni (part of the game design team of Journey to Ragnarök and the CMON Zombicide RPG).

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Charakterbogen Historia
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